Dissertations & Theses

      These manuscripts have been authored by IAPOP members around the world. They include Diploma final projects, Masters and Doctoral theses.

Manuscripts are listed chronologically.

Manuscripts are provided for your personal use only and should not be distributed. Please respect copyright laws and the author’s work.

Working with Movement by Amy Mindell

Group Process Work by Jan Dworkin, 1989

Emerging World Views by Dawn Menken, 1989

The Gates of Society: Process Oriented Psychology on a Psychiatric Ward by Arlene Audergon, 1990

Jung, Taoism, the Sound of a Saxophone and I. Musings on process-oriented inner work and the philosophical foundations of Processwork by Reini Hauser, 1990.

Stalking your Inner Critic by Sonja Straub, 1990

Unintentional Music by Lane Arye, 1991

The Individual as a Channel of Group Process by Clare Nance, 1991

Beyond Compare: A Personal Reflection on Process Oriented Approaches with Emotionally Disturbed Children by Leslie Heizer, 1992

Patterns of Communication by Julie Diamond, 1992

A Process Oriented Approach to Developing a Mental Health Service Organization: An Experiential Study by Salome Schwarz, 1993

Stories of our Lives: Living with Life Threatening Illness by Renata Ackermann, 1994

Conflict: Gateway to Community by Gemma Summers, 1994

Listen or Die: The Terrorist as a Role by Alexandra Vassiliou, 1995

The Constant Itch to Self Development: A Personal Journey with Atopic Dermatitis by Silvia Camastral, 1995

Shifting the Assemblage Point: Transformation in Therapy and Everyday Life by Salome Schwarz, 1996

Beyond Guilt and Innocence: Towards a Process Oriented Criminology by Jytte Vikkelsoe, 1996

Process Work and Aikido by Lena Aslanidou, 1997

Fat as an Ally by Michal Wertheimer Shimoni, 1997

On the Path to a Black Tongue: A Greek Woman’s View of Sexism, by Lily Vassiliou, 1999. For the pdf file please email lvassiliou@gmail.com

Process Oriented Psychology and Devotion in Tibetan Buddishm by Sherry Marshall, 1999

Introduction: Process-Oriented Dialogue by Ingrid Rose, 2000

Process Oriented Dialogue: An Inquiry into Group Work & Conflict Facilitation by Ingrid Rose, 2000

Deep Democracy A Learning Journey by Martha Sanbower, 2000

Process Work Contributions to Men and Power by Stephen Schuitevoerder, 2000

Believing in Dreaming: Concepts for a New Educational System by Peter Irving, 2000

Racism in Trinidad by Charlene Agostini, 2000

Putting a Lion in Your Heart by Shushann Movessian, 2002

Process Work and Japanese Buddhism: A Pilgrimage of Completion by Takeo Kiriyama, 2002

Inherited Memory: A Comparison of How World War II Influences the Japanese Post War Generation by Ayako Fujisaki, 2003

Rank and Marginality: A Multidimensional Approach by Lee Spark Jones, 2003

Kinship with Animals: Unlearning Speciesism by Lee Spark Jones, 2004

The Gold at the End of the Rainbow: A Therapist’s Spiritual Experience by Ellen Schupbach, 2004

History of Movement Therapies by Patricia Woodal, 2004

Riding the Sentient Wave: A discourse on the challenges and benefits of intuition in therapeutic work and everyday life by Gerald Maclaurin, 2005

Unraveling the Agony of Paradox: A Study of A Process of Awareness
by Joy Brown, 2006

Process Work and the Facilitation of Conflict by Stanford Siver, 2006

Discovering Meaning in Panic: A Process-oriented Approach to Panic Attacks by Lily Vasiliou, 2006

Coming Together – Diversity Journal by Diana Collett, 2007

The Creative Clash of Paradigms by Iona Fredenburgh, 2007

Bridges, Borders, and the Dance: A Cooperative Inquiry Study of Multiple Role Relationships within the Process Work Community of Portland, Oregon by Katje Wagner, 2007

AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED? Sudha’s Song and Other Stories by Kalpana Tanwar, 2007

What is Organisational Development from a Process Work Perspective? by Heike Hamann, 2007

Sourcing the Flow: Painting, Movement, the Intentional Field and Co-Creation by Kasha Kavanaugh, 2007

The Process of History-Making Conflicts: Subjectively Revisiting Three Historical Conflicts in Process Work Terms by Nancy Papathanasiou, 2007

No Small Change: Process-Oriented Play Therapy For Children of Separating Parents by Silvia Camastral, 2008

Beautiful True Nature Processmind Practices for Earthlings on the Journey by Judy Chambers, 2008

An Exploration of Myth and the Tools to Elicit Mythic Potential by Anne Murphy, 2008

Developing Awareness of Group Process Inside a Group That Resists Learning About Itself by Doug Hales, 2008

Dancing Through a Field of Binging and Starving_Disruptive Eating as Sustenance by Annie Blair, 2009

All of the Apple is Me by Lisa Blair, 2009

The Missing Facilitator: An Exploration of the Concept of the Participant-Facilitator in Process Work by Barbara Burkhardt, 2009

Easter Eggs from the Mallard by Midori Hirai, 2009

Seven Steps to Dealing with Fear in Paragliding: Making Process Work Accessible to the Sporting Public by Heike Haman, 2009

Moving in the Interstices: Cultivating Fluidity in the Participant Facilitators Role by Susan J. Newton, 2009

Stepping In, Stepping Out: Process Work Application of Pre-Birth Stories used as Life Myth by Lone Norgaard, 2009

It’s All About You: Inner Adventure for Anyone by Elva Wolf Redwood, 2009

Shooting Ourselves in the Head? A Qualitative Exploration of Conflicts with Leaders in Groups Experiencing Marginalization by Tim Spalding, 2009

Measuring the effectiveness of therapy sessions conducted by Process Work Practitioners by Kamisia Anna Staszewska, 2009

Dreamfigures Ball by Matthew Stella, 2009

Building a Global Family: An organisational case study focusing on the myth of the leader and the organisation by Vicki Henricks, 2011

Deep Democracy in the Australian Context – a personal journey with ancestry by Nicole Kinnaird, 2012

Burning Cat out of the Rabbit Hutch (A Heuristic Study of the Process of Individuation) by Boris Sopko, 2012

Growing, Dying and Relating: Exploring the Concept and Experience of ‘the Edge’ by Hellene Gronda, 2013

Snakes and Ladders: Emergence of Deep Power in Transformational Change, by Julia Wolfson PhD, 2013

Less is More, More or Less. The Goddess of Wisdom Speaks: An examination of Intellectual Inferiority Complex in a Few Women of Polish Jewish Ancestry by Cathy Bernatt, 2014

The Braided Way: Deep Democracy and Community by Gill Emslie, 2014

Victims, Victimizers, and Rescuers: The Double Edge to Power and Vulnerability by Sofia Ilia, 2014

Deep Democracy in Action: The Elder Role in Leadership Development by Violetta Ilkiw, 2014

Out of the Matrix: A personal narrative of transformation through the quest to discover meaning in a chronic body symptom by Liz Scott, 2014

The Elderful Leader: Developing Rank Capabilities for Effective Leadership by Vanessa Toy, 2014

Empowerment through connecting to self, the other, and the world: an educational project reviewing an empowerment workshop by Sine Anderson, 2014

Encounters in the War Zone: Dreaming Beyond Hopeless by Yeşim Özben, 2014

Pointing at the Moon: Exploring the question, What is Psychological Freedom? by Liz Scarfe, 2015

The Quantum Leap: From Hell to Heaven by Rachel Maori, 2015

The Tin Elephant: Inner Explorations of Personal Power by Reet Nemoja, 2015

An Unusual Guide to Therapy for Extraordinary People: Creating an illustrated booklet based on clients’ therapy experiences by Anne Murphy, 2016

“ET phone HOME”, Reconnecting to Inner Life Force – exploring experiences of trauma and alienation and witnessing their relationship to personal/cultural/world history by Katerina Sideri, 2016

The Dreaming Power of an Interconnected World: A Mixed-Methods Study of the Effects of Group Process On the Quantum Field by Helene Ramos, 2017

Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services: Diversity, Inclusion and Innate Powers, by Julia Wolfson PhD (this project is a published book that can be purchased here), 2017

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