WorldWork 2014 Warsaw, Poland

Worldwork 2014





Warsaw, Poland

April 27-May 1, 2014



Worldwork 2014 will take place in Warsaw, a place with a turbulent history and vibrant present.


The city has been destroyed and reborn. It witnessed the Ghetto uprising and later the Warsaw uprising organized by its Polish underground army. Jewish districts, the people, the culture – disappeared. Warsaw was systematically bombarded in 1944, and then rebuilt. The city remembers its communist past, with the times of terror and hopelessness, but also its attempted social justice and values other than money.


Now Warsaw is one of the fastest growing cities in Central Europe, with modern skyscrapers, a hectic pace and vast possibilities. Yet these possibilities are not easy fulfilled and people are confronted with new sets of challenges.


During Worldwork 2014 we would like to build a bridge from the past to the future. For many people, coming to Warsaw is an immediate confrontation with their own history. We would like to make space for our stories that are so different and yet belong together. We believe that relating through our past stories will help us to see where we are now and to deal with the issues of today. Then, we hope to discover new possibilities for the future.

We would like this Worldwork to be the arena of acknowledging the past. We hope to explore economic tensions rooted in today’s economy. This time we would also like to create space for discovering and elaborating new solutions on different levels, from global visions to local projects.


The Worldwork seminar is an experiential training seminar in conflict work and community building. The seminar provides a unique opportunity for people from all over the world to come together in a powerful forum for focusing on and working with social, environmental, and political issues using group process skills.

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Your donation to the Worldwork Support Fund will help provide travel expenses, lodging and meals to developing facilitators wishing to participate in WorldWorld seminars, coming from conflict zones or regions facing social and financial difficulties.

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Worldwork: the Global Process Institute and IAPOP


In 1989, Dr. Arnold Mindell and colleagues founded the Global Process Institute to facilitate an international learning and research community with a special focus on conflict facilitation and transformation, psycho-social capacity building, and training of conflict facilitators. As of January 2014, the GPI has merged with IAPOP, forming the IAPOP Worldwork Committee.

For more information on the IAPOP Worldwork Commitee see IAPOP Leadership Team

One of GPI’s activities was sponsoring a series of training and research seminars known as the WorldWork seminars. These have been held approximately every one or two years or three years since 1991.


Between three to four hundred people from over thirty countries participate in these six to ten day gatherings. The large staff team facilitates a diversity of learning experiences that include large group focus and interaction, small group meetings, one-to-one sessions and networking groups.


Each WorldWork seminar has a distinct flavor created by the location of the event and the participants who attend.


Here’s a video of Worldwork, taken at Worldwork 1999 in Washington DC, USA:


For more information on WorldWork & Deep Democracy as a methodology andphilosophy see:


Other international and/ or local WorldWork events are held regularly in various locations around the world. Check with the regional centers and individual facilitators for more information.

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