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Country Center URL
Australia & New Zealand Australia New Zealand Process Oriented Psychology
Columbia Fundación Processwork Latinoamérica
Czech Republic Institut Procesově Orientované Práce (IPOP)
Denmark Process Work Denmark
Europe Deep Democracy Institute Europe HQ Amsterdam
Germany Prozessorientierte Psychologie
Greece Processwork HUB (Athens, Greece)
India Processwork India
Ireland Process Work Ireland
Israel Processwork Israel Email
Japan Japan Process Work Center
Kazakhstan Deep Democracy Institute Central Asia
Kenya Deep Democracy Institute East Africa
Palestine Deep Democracy Institute Palestine ddi palestine
Poland Akademia Psychologii Zorientowanej na Proces
Poland International School of Processwork in Honor of Arnold Mindell
Poland Poza Centrum
Poland Instytut Psychologii Procesu
Poland Studium Psychoterapii i Psychologii Procesu
Russia Deep Democracy Institute Russia
Russia International School of Process Work Russia ISPWR
Slovakia Institut Procesorientovanej Psychologie Slovensko
Spain El Instituto de Trabajo de Procesos & Democracia Profunda
Switzerland Institut für Prozessarbeit IPA
Ukraine Deep Democracy Institute Ukraine
United Kingdom RSPOP UK
United States Deep Democracy Institute International
United States Process Work Institute




Organization Description Link
CFOR Force for Change CFOR facilitates and trains facilitators. Our goal is‘a facilitator at every table’, from the kitchen to the negotiating table. When people can facilitate awareness of the polarized dynamics and violence they suffer from, community becomes a protective and creative force, that prevents violence and transforms the future.

Our work:

  • BALKANS: In partnership with Assoc ‘Mi’, UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) and the EU, large forums in Croatia link psychosocial and economic recovery, and leadership training in the areas hit hardest by war. Participants are from all ethnicities or nationalities from a wide network of civil society organizations and local authorities. In tandem with UNHCR, we’re also developing a model for the wider Balkan region.
  • EUROPE MATTERS: Supported by the EU, focuses on awareness and facilitation needed to transform Europe’s violent history towards thriving multicultural societies.
  • SEEDS: Supported by the EU, focuses on bringing one’s deepest dreams to fulfillment, recognizing the difference each individual and organization makes.
  • FACILITATION FOR LEADERS: CFOR offers an annual 5 module training programme in London.
  • CONSULTATION/ TRAINING: CFOR also does inhouse training and consultation in International organisations.
Deep Democracy Institute The Deep Democracy Institute provides worldwide diverse and multidimensional Leadership Training Programs. They are designed to teach skills and attitudes to unfold the potentials of organizations, teams, and communities.Leadership development is a key component of sustainable development and stability globally. This perspective applies globally and parallels advances in organizational leadership in Washington, Berlin, Portland, Sydney, Warsaw, Kyiv, Sierra Leone, Moscow and other areas in which the leaders of the Deep Democracy Institute are active.Organizational concepts are changing in the business world and other sectors of society. Leadership is no longer viewed as a static framework in which one person dictates the actions of the organization. It is a complex collaborative process that requires well trained, adaptive, and skilled individuals throughout the organization. Coaching and entrepreneurial skills are important aspects of developing creative social, business, and political solutions that can lead the way towards psychologically, emotionally, and politically sustainable development.

Global Process Institute GPI provides conflict facilitation trainings, conducts worldwork seminars, and organizes town meetings providing public forums to bring opposing groups together to address the conflicts between them, serving a vision of building sustainable communities based on deep democracy.




Link Description URL Books and journals on “process oriented psychology” Books and journals by “Arnold Mindell”
Deep Democracy Exchange Publishing arm of the Deep Democracy Institute with books, videos and podcasts.
Lao Tse Press Lao Tse Press is dedicated to publishing information about process-oriented psychology. lao-tse-press
Wikipedia Several articles about process oriented psychology, deep democracy, worldwork, coma work, etc., are available on Wikipedia.


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