IAPOP Process Work Training Accreditation Conference

IAPOP Process Work Training Accreditation Conference
Talinn, Estonia
June 14-19, 2016


The IAPOP board would like to invite representatives of all training faculties to the first international forum. 
14 to 19 June 2016 at Pirita Spa Hotel, Tallinn, Estonia. 
Thank you to Viktoria Saat for hosting us all and the work in organising this event.

A program covering:

*Accreditation support
*Competencies and standards for Diploma training
*Outlining the competencies in training for worldwork facilitation, first training and in any further developments
*Enhancing curriculum development – documenting what we do so well maximising our international presence – online, research and within the global therapeutic/social action community
co-operation on development of infrastructure. web based learning platforms, sharing learning & research resources, cross cultural sharing
*Support for faculty staff either in skill development and/or more personal/ emotional support in difficult roles, 
*Ethics committee support across programs

Can training faculties let me know who will be attending.. and the roles they play within the faculty.

Members of the board will be there.


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