International Association of Process Oriented Psychology

IAPOP is an international Association of practitioners of Process Oriented Psychology, who associate out of their shared values, vision and goals, as well as support for diversity, creativity, relationship and the exciting range of research and practice within our professional community.

The Association supports collaboration and sharing research, experience and ideas in the evolving field of Process Oriented Psychology, and its relationship to a wide range of fields from psychotherapy and psychiatry to mind-body medicine, conflict resolution and organizational development. IAPOP also supports continuing education, giving and receiving feedback among practitioners, and promoting diversity and shared standards among our training programs in Process Oriented Psychology internationally.

Process Oriented Psychology, or Process Work as it is more commonly known, is a new paradigm that integrates concepts from physics, psychology, anthropology, and spirituality into a new paradigm and methodology that has applications in many fields. Developed by Arnold and Amy Mindell and colleagues, it includes key concepts like Deep Democracy and Worldwork. These terms describe various aspects of Process Work theory and application. IAPOP membership is open to professional practitioners who are committed to the research and practice of Deep Democracy, Process Work, and Worldwork and have completed rigorous training programs through IAPOP affiliated organizations.

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